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Pokemon Go Team Rocket update: Community Day Swampert will learn Hydro Cannon More in Upcoming Update. Pokémon GO's third anniversary.

New Pokemon Go Team Rocket update coming soon
New Pokemon Go Team Rocket update coming soon? (Image: POKEMON COMPANY)
With a huge update including new battles, Team Rocket and new minigame features, Niantic celebrates Pokémon GO's third anniversary.

It was announced on Twitter that the viral mobile game will come with a new appraisal system that will allow trainers to see how powerful their Pokémon is, forgetting the unclear messages from team leaders. In addition to the Charged Attack minigame, the evaluation scheme will provide comprehensive data and statistics and roll out.

In coach fights, the loaded attack will now feature a fresh minigame players will have to finish to perform their move. Other updates include new non-player characters in the form of Team GO Rocket Grunts, leaving Shadow Pokémon behind when trainers are defeated to capture them.

Reports suggest that the update to Team Rocket could transfer the game from a catching simulator to something far deeper and more engaging. Niantic has just announced no release date, but you can learn more about the upcoming updates below.

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Pokémon GO launches a One Piece crossover event in other news.

The account of Pokemon Go ends with: "DM us ASAP! We must immediately notify Professor Willow!”

It's a good setup for a large case, particularly as this type of news is generally kept under wraps.

These are not the first clues Team Rocket was about to invade the game, with different pictures and photobombing occurrences taking place over the previous few weeks.

It looks like Team Rocket grunts will be accessible for fight at PokeStops from what was shared by information miners.

They will sometimes leave behind a Pokemon that you can catch after fighting and beating these fresh enemies.

The distinction with these Pocket Monsters is that they are going to be Shadow Pokemon who have unnaturally pumped their statistics up.

It has not yet been verified, but supporters suspect that by interacting with the Pokemon you will need to raise this Shadow impact.

Shadow Pokemon seems likely to be purified by some kind of mechanism already known to fans, such as incorporating it as a Buddy.

It is also anticipated that a fresh Special Research Quest will be component of the Team Rocket case that has yet to be released.

In Pokemon Go, Hydro Cannon is a charged water attack with 90 power and has a duration of 1.9 seconds. Similar to the core game series, only evolved starter Pokemon – Blastoise, Feraligatr and Swampert – can learn it. The only acceptation is Smeargle, who is a normal type Pokemon and not a starter.

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